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We’ve been working hard with Heather Maitland and Katy Raines (Indigo) over the last three years to ensure that the performing arts sector has the audience insight it needs to drive continued recovery, both at an advocacy level and a very practical one.

Our Audience Insights programme from 2024 will deliver:

  • the data you need about your own audiences, along with practical advice and tools to use it to drive growth and success
  • sector-wide information on audience behaviours and attitudes, so that we can identify shared opportunities and challenges, and work on them together
  • training, resources and support to ensure that audience insight is used to make change across Ireland’s cultural organisations

We’ll do this through:

  • collecting and aggregating some data for audiences in 2024 from each organisation
  • collecting survey responses from a sample of audiences at a range of venues via a post-event survey

And we’ll present our findings at The Gathering (Sligo 28 & 29 May), so that we can start to talk about how to use the data to make a difference straight away.

We’ve now been in touch with all arts centres, venues, theatres and festivals about how to participate in this research but if you’ve any questions please send them to Irma McLoughlin.