The Green Arts Initiative in Ireland is an extension of the Green Arts Initiative operated by Creative Carbon Scotland and aims to provide Irish arts organisations with the resources and support to help build a green Irish arts community. Run by Theatre Forum and CatriĢona Fallon, under the guidance of Creative Carbon Scotland, the Green Arts Initiative in Ireland aims to:

  • Support members with practical advice on reducing their carbon footprint and overall environmental impacts.
  • Provide members with opportunities to enhance their sustainability competencies through training and networking.
  • Collect information about what organisations are currently doing to improve their sustainability. You can find the results of our Green Arts Survey here...

During 2020, we commenced a Greening Venues Pilot Project (currently paused due to Covid-19 restrictions), the results of which will be published on our website once completed.

Useful ResourcesĀ 

Here are some resources that we’ve created – more to come!

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