What Next? – Supporting Change in the Performing Arts
Centre Stage Seminar, Ireland

This webinar took place on zoom on 1st February 2023.

Chaired by Jenny Macdonald of Solo Sirens, artists talk about the value of the Centre Stage programme in their own professional lives, policy makers about their work to effect structural changes, and activists about equality initiatives. Topics include equality, equal opportunities, and how systemic change for the better could be achieved in the future.

As part of the webinar, a Resource Pack was compiled to assist Performing Arts lecturers create a seminar session using the Centre Stage Reflective Film and the free Centre Stage Professional Development online course for their students. Please click on the links below for more information.

Centre Stage Seminar Resource Pack
This academic Resource Pack includes information on the Centre Stage programme, biographies of the speakers at the webinar and a list of additional academic reading on the issues discussed.

Film – Centre Stage | Gender Equality Reflections in the Performing Arts
This is a short film reflecting on diversity within the performing arts. The film is available for download with subtitles in five different languages – English, Swedish, Spanish, French and German. The film is divided up in to the following chapters:
1. Gender stereotypes
2. Access to decision-making and leadership roles
3. Access to resources and the gender pay gap
4. Access to the arts labour market
5. Sexual harassment
These can also be viewed individually to fit in to a seminar plan.

Centre Stage I Online
This is a course designed to develop self-promotion and artistic leadership skills. It is available in six different languages so that students and practitioners can take the course at entirely their own pace, and it is free of charge.

Safe To Create
SAFE TO CREATE is a Dignity at Work programme. The aim of the programme is to impact change on the culture and practices of the arts sector in Ireland to provide safer working conditions for artists and arts workers. This programme is managed by Irish Theatre Institute, on behalf of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media and in partnership with the Arts Council, Screen Ireland and Minding Creative Minds.

Centre Stage is a European collaborative project for professional artists in the performing arts and music. Since 2019, the project has been working towards positive change at both individual and structural levels for women performing artists in Europe.

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