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Huge thanks to all who attended our Producer Forum in Project Arts Centre on 4 December. Below, you can access the presentations from the Forum.

Green Arts for Producers
Maeve Stone, Artist & Activist talked about the embedded artist project she’s working on with Codema and Axis and about direct action to engage the arts community in the climate crisis. Have a look at Maeve’s presentation.
Louise Gilmour-WillsProducer, Catherine Wheels, Scotland talked about their Green Wheels Touring Kithow it started, how it works and the results so far (by Skype).
You can download their greenwheelstouring order form.

Production Management
Des Kenny, Production Manager at The Lir, talked about meaningful and realistic production planning and budgeting.
You can watch back some of our previous technical training videos:
Tech Theatre for non-technical people
Lighting demonstration 

16:45 Governance Penelope Kennyauthor of Corporate Governance: For the Irish Arts Sector talked through governance and accountability for producers.
Have a look at Penny’s presentation.

17:15 Sean Lawlor, EventInsure will give insurance updates and answer questions.
Have a look at Sean’s presentation.

Photo Credit ©Ste Murray