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Theatre Forum and Dublin Theatre Festival’s Next Stage has now come to an end.

2018 group: Shanna May Breen (Dublin Fringe Festival WildCard), Luke Casserly, Caoileann Curry-Thompson, Mark D’Aughton, Gemma Gallagher, Kate Gilmore, Kate Haughton (Dance Ireland Bursary), Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen, Thommas Kane Byrne, Anna Kaszuba, Sarah Kinlen, Nathan Maynard, Margaret Mc Auliffe, Donncha O’Dea, Katie O’Kelly, Maeve O’Mahony, Camille Lucy Ross, Carla Rogers.

Sessions/Workshops: The group worked daily in DanceHouse, facilitated by Chrissie Poulter, and had sessions with: Claire Summerfield, Michael Barker-Caven, Hugh Murray, Vivi Tellas, Rachel West, Cian O’Brien and Jen Coppinger, Simon Stephens, Medb Lambert, Aideen Howard, Andy Packer, Kerry Michael, Veronica Coburn, Emer McGowan, Chloe Lamford, Molly O’Cathain, Louise Lowe.

In total they saw 29 performances in order as follows:

  1. Multiverse
  2. Grass
  3. The Mai
  4. Fantasia
  5. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  6. Mining Stories
  7. The Patient Gloria
  8. The Misfits
  9. Hamlet
  10. The Lost O’Casey
  11. NASSIM
  12. Everyone’s Fine With Virginia Woolf
  13. Before
  14. The Metals
  15. Company
  16. Night Light
  17. Dance Plague
  18. Richard III
  19. ELIZA’s Adventures in the Uncanny Valley
  20. The M House
  21. Rathmine’s Road
  22. The End of Eddy
  23. Home Theatre (Ireland)
  24. The Young King
  25. Klosterhof
  26. Bluebeard’s Castle
  27. St Nicholas
  28. My Name is Language
  29. The Fever

We are already looking forward to Next Stage 2019!

Photo Credit ©Ste Murray