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Guidance for venues in place from today 22nd October

It has been a long few days of discussions and negotiations for the Minister and Department Team to get agreement on the guidance needed for the reopening of all entertainment venues. While the focus recently has been on nightclubs, many of the capacity and audience criteria affect theatres and arts centres as well. Given that agreement on this guidance was only reached last evening, all previous guidance is now in the process of being updated.

The most relevant summary of the guidance for venues, including arts centres and theatres, is to be found in the Department’s Guidance for Nightclubs and Live Entertainment Venues.
A further update on this guidance is due later today which we’ll publish once it’s available. On pages 8-10 you’ll find the headlines for indoor events from 22 October as well as well as the measures you’ll need to put in place to ensure the health and safety of all audience members. Do keep in mind that this guidance covers the needs of venues of all sizes so adapt it as appropriate to your venue, event and risk assessment.

These next few weeks will undoubtedly be challenging with the general public entuasiastically celebrating ‘reopening’. If we are remain open at 100% capacity, safety is still the priority with our theatres and arts centres continuing to operate to the highest standards.

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