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This submission focusses primarily on assessing the capital investment required to raise the sustainability standards in the buildings of publicly funded arts organisations. While this is just one priority on the Department and sector’s climate action agenda, it seems sensible to have a sectoral overview with the scale of the investment required before organisations tackle their own building sustainability projects.

Read our full submission which can be summarised as follows:

Budget 2023 Climate Action supports for the Performing Arts sector

A sector-wide approach
Establish an all-of-government approach involving funders, local government and local authority stakeholders, government departments and their agencies concerned with the arts, environment, sustainability and climate action to evolve and align climate action policies that embed sustainability in the arts and culture sector’s organisations and their activities.

Sustaining the Arts Infrastructure
Theatre Forum and Green Arts Initiative is committing to carrying out a survey in 2022 to determine the capital investment required to carry out a national survey to sustainability and accessibility standards.

Budget 2023
In relation to Budget 2023, Theatre Forum and Green Arts Initiative ask that future capital investment required to raise both sustainability and accessibility standards in the arts infrastructure be considered in the context of the Government NDP and decarbonisation goals.

Sustaining Arts Organisations Budget 2023
Secure and maximise the Budget 2023 arts and culture allocation to enable arts funders to evolve the financial models of arts organisations and align policy and resources to maximise their impacts

Sustaining Artists Budget 2023
Theatre Forum and the Green Arts Initiative wholeheartedly support the NCFA position on sustainable careers pay and conditions for all artists and arts workers.