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Invitation to Open Forum – Thursday 25 June, 4pm-5.30pm

Our Open Forum on 21 May raised critical questions about artists survival and the future of the performing arts sector.

At the heart of that discussion was a wish that the Covid-19 crisis be taken as an opportunity to rebuild a fair, equitable and sustainable sector for all. Since then and after a few busy weeks of effective lobbying and representations, a substantial support package has been secured and the Arts Council’s Expert Advisory Group Survive Adapt Renew report has been published which notes:

‘At this time of change, there is a real opportunity to actively promote equality of access and opportunity and invite new and diverse voices to contribute to a renewed and relevant arts environment, effecting real change in who engages with, participates in, and experiences the arts.’

Now there’s an urgent need for a sector-wide response of scale and vision with plans and productions realised before the end of 2020.

For that response to be workable it has to involve new production models, new ways of working, finding new audiences and rejuvenating relationships with familiar audiences. For it to be credible, it must give independent artists and production companies a lead role in rebuilding their sector. For the stronger and sustainable sector that’s needed, we all have to abandon old habits and find new and better ways of working together.

Come along to the Open Forum this Thursday.

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All welcome!