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Open Call
In the next few months, Theatre Forum will become Ireland’s Performing Arts Forum. Our vision is to be a forum that supports artists, arts workers, and organisations to build a better connected, more diverse, and stronger community.

As an active connector across the arts community Theatre Forum/Performing Arts Forum would like to support the setting up of a Producer Working Group. This working group will be a regular opportunity for producers to share knowledge, resources and expertise with each other and strategise about the opportunities and challenges specific to their role in making and producing work. Theatre Forum/Performing Arts Forum is also cognisant of its responsibilities to offer policy makers and funders an overview of the strategic issues faced by its members across all parts of the sector.

Your Role
The Working Group will meet regularly during 2024. As a Group member, you will work with executive and board directors to respond to current issues, share insights and work towards the overall representation of Producer and Production related interests. You may also help us to co-curate open meetings for a wider group of Producer, Production Company and Production attendees.

You will be asked to commit to up to 5 Working Group meetings of up to 2 hours between March and 31 December 2024. Zoom and in-person attendance will be possible for all meetings.

There are up to 5 places available. For people in salaried roles, this is a voluntary and unpaid role. For interested freelance producers, it is a paid opportunity at €150 per meeting. To ensure that this role is accessible to all, let us know if you require additional support to take it on.

If you or someone you know is interested please complete this form. It’s a short form that will ask you for your contact details and to outline your relevant Producer experience. If you would prefer to give this information in audio or video format, please send by email to (Irma McLoughlin).  The deadline is 5pm on Monday 19 February. You don’t have to be a Theatre Forum member to apply and we would welcome applicants from a diversity of national, ethnic or cultural groups.