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We held two Green Arts Clinics in August looking at how to implement climate action as an arts organisation or artist.

Watch back the sessions below:

Links from the sessions:

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Latest Emissions Data:–assessment/climate-change/ghg/latest-emissions-data/

Climate Change Advisory Council – Latest annual report, 2023:

Community Power:

Eirgrid Dashboard:

Energy Guide – GAII:

Webinar on Energy including ‘How To Read Your Electricity Bill

Department of arts capital grant:

SEAI Energy Audit Voucher:

SEAI: Micro Generation Grant:

Enterprise Ireland – Energy Efficiency Grant:
What is the Energy Efficiency Grant? – Local Enterprise Office

Community Climate Action Fund:

County Specific, for example, Waterford –

And Cork – (This funding round is now completed, but more is expected and it gives you a feeling for what’s being funded).

Heritage Building Question:

SEAI study dating from 2010 dates from 2010

Study produced by The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and The Heritage Council – Deep Energy Renovation of Traditional Buildings – Addressing Knowledge Gaps and Skills Training in Ireland

Digital Footprint Question:
SEAI Julie’s Bicycle  – Sustainability in the Digital Age

The Carbon Footprint of the Internet | Climate Impact Partners

Link to include in emails:

Greenhouse gas reporting: Conversion factors 2022