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Aimed at policy makers, arts organisations, and artists, the day’s events include presentations from Ben Twist, Director and Founder of Creative Carbon Scotland, Clare Watson, a researcher in the area of community engagement on climate change, and Catríona Fallon, ardent climate action campaigner and co-founder of our Green Arts Initiative in Ireland.

Venue & Date

Rediscovery Centre, Ballymun, Wednesday 23 October.


11:00 Welcome, Tea & Coffee
11:15 Presentations
12:30 Tour of the Rediscovery Centre
13:00 Lunch (vegan menu)
14:00 Workshop
15:30 Ends

Ben Twist
How to build enthusiasm and a movement to enable the arts to play its full role in combatting climate change – learning from the success of Creative Carbon Scotland in changing sectoral and strategic perceptions of the role of the arts.

Clare Watson
To engage people on climate action we need leadership from the top so we know we’re all in this together.”
How to engage communities in climate action – the behavioural and social challenges. Clare Watson is a MaREI/UCC researcher in the area of community engagement on climate change.

Catríona Fallon
Practical learnings from Greening Siamsa and artist-led community engagement projects on climate change.


Greening your venue with Ben Twist and Catríona Fallon
How to create a Green Team, measure the carbon footprint of your building, and set a carbon budget for your organisation, with a brief look at risk assessment and climate adaptation.


The event is free for members and guests. If you and members of your team would like to join us, please register below just so we can plan for numbers. If you’ve already set up a Green Team in your organisation or plan on doing so soon, everyone on your team is welcome.

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Established by Theatre Forum and Catríona Fallon, the Green Arts Initiative in Ireland is an extension of the Green Arts Initiative operated by Creative Carbon Scotland and aims to provide Irish arts organisations with the resources and support to help build a green Irish arts community.

Rediscovery Centre

The Rediscovery Centre is the National Centre for the Circular Economy in Ireland. A creative movement connecting people, ideas and resources to support greener low-carbon living.