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PrintTomorrow. Together – a performance programme curated by Cork Midsummer Festival
Venue: Event Room, Marina Market
Duration: 55 mins approx (access to artistic programme is part of your Tomorrow. Together ticket – lots more info on how to book in here.

Taking the theme of Tomorrow. Together, we will gather to experience a project born in the pandemic that has inspired new ways of engaging with audiences, a dynamic sharing of work by an exciting collective of emerging Cork artists and original music developed and performed by hugely talented young rappers and singers from Knocknaheeny.

Lullaby for the City (in a Time of Pandemic) by John O’Brien

For the 2021 Cork Midsummer Festival, composer John O’Brien wrote a lullaby for Cork city. An orchestra travelled to two city centre communities where the lullaby was performed live and outdoors for audiences of all ages. For Tomorrow. Together, a 20 piece orchestra made up of some of Cork’s finest musicians will perform the lullaby in another unexpected location – a warehouse space.

EPG – a work in progress sharing by Raphael Olympio

Cork rapper and spoken word artist Raphael Olympio and his team have recently begun experimenting with methods to enhance his performances by bringing them to life using theatrical approaches, moving away from the usual approach of a solo MC with a microphone and DJ. Aiming to develop this approach, Raphael will recount his tale of what has been taken from him and his ancestors due to exploitation, power, and greed in his piece EPG. Directed by Andrea Williams and Aaron Cowming, and performed by Raphael, Aaron, Erin McCarthy, Blessing Mhlanga and Mark Mavambu.

The Kabin Studio: Misneach, Jamie ‘The King’ & MC Tiny

Young rappers, singers and songwriters from The Kabin Studio in Knocknaheeny perform their original music. Misneach are a collective of young women at The Kabin Studio whose music is focused on female empowerment, with the goal of encouraging young women to be themselves, and educating the community on the many challenges faced. MC Tiny performs his first solo music video Good Life, released September 2022. Lyrics and music have been developed through rap and songwriting projects with GMCBeats at The Kabin Studio in Knocknaheeny, supported by Music Generation Cork City.