In accordance with the Arts Act, Dublin City Council invites applications for funding towards arts projects and programmes in the city which are complementary to the following objectives:

  1. Stimulating public interest in the Arts,
  2. Promoting knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts, or
  3. Improving standards in the arts within its functional area (Dublin City).

Dublin City Council through the City Arts Office is conducting a review of Arts Grants. For some time City Councillors engaged in adjudicating the Arts Grants process have pointed out that the funds allocated have not increased for many years. There is also a recognition that Arts funding has naturally been greater in areas where arts infrastructure such as theatres and galleries are concentrated i.e. close to the city centre and as well as supporting the great arts organisations and building in central Dublin, Dublin City Council also want to further develop and support Artists, Participants and Audiences outside of the city centre.

Accordingly next year’s grants will be changed to address these issues based on data collected and further consultation with the public and the arts sector in 2023. It is hoped that a new approach to Arts Grants supported by City Councillors and the arts sector could lead to increased funding in 2023-2024.

NOTE: If you are applying in this round in 2022 then you are applying for Arts Grants that will be awarded in January 2023. There will be no changes in this year’s (2022/23) Arts Grants to previous years. Any changes will occur in 2023/24.There are some extra questions on the application form this year to support the data collection needed and to hear from you on how we can improve the application process. Thank you for helping us with this review and all you do to make the arts a central part of what makes Dublin special.

We have created a Guidance Document for each category of our Arts Grants which explains the applications questions in greater detail. We recommend printing this and keeping it beside you through the process.

We are also holding online Information Sessions on Thursday 13 October for all categories of Arts Grants & Bursary Awards to provide help and guidance with all aspects of the application process.

Registration is below

Applications are open until 12 noon on Monday 7th November, if you have any inquiries during this time please get in touch.

Select a category below to apply:

Project Arts Grants 2023

Revenue Arts Grants 2023

Neighbourhood Arts Grants 2023

Voluntary Arts Grants 2023

Bursary Awards 2023

Arts Grants & Bursary Awards Information SessionsWe will provide help and guidance with all aspects of the online application process. The Information Sessions will take place on Zoom and are led by the Arts Officer Team.  Each session consists of a 20 minute walk-through of the application form, followed by 25 minutes of questions and answers.

To attend the webinar, please register in advance by clicking a category below.After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Project Arts Grants Information Session – Thurs 13 Oct – 9am

Neighbourhood / Voluntary Arts Grants Information Session – Thurs 13 Oct – 10am

Bursary Information Session – Thursday 13 October – 11am

Revenue Arts Grants Information Session – Thursday 13 October – 2pm

Closing Date for Receipt of Application is

12 noon Monday 7th November 2022

Guidelines, Criteria and Guidance Document all available at:

Date Posted: 21 September 2022
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