Course Youngactorsprogramme Week2

The programme introduces young performers to the reality of intensive training, replicating four weeks in the life of a full-time acting degree. The course will provide an introduction to the skills required to become a professional performer. It combines the two week Young Actors’ Programme with the two week Musical Theatre Intensive Programme.

Group classes focus on the core modules of Acting, Voice and Movement and are led by The Lir’s core teaching staff. Individual voice, singing and monologue classes supplement the four week programme.Through group and individual classes and rehearsals, students will develop the skills necessary for performing in Musical Theatre productions of the highest standards. Participants will work on new solo pieces, duets or trios and ensemble numbers.

This course will also include a presentation to friends and family at the end of the programme.

The course prepares students intending to audition for drama schools covering audition technique and the choice and delivery of audition monologues and songs.