Max And Declan

What is Style?

SATURDAY JANUARY 9th 10.30 – 4.30

When asked this question, John Gielgud reportedly said, “style is the play I am in.” So often style is considered a superficial polish which pollutes a sense of truth and holds the play in some kind of thick preservative, making it impervious to it touching our hearts or having any relevance to our modern situation.  Michael Chekhov encourages us to challenge this idea.

Through practical workshop, Declan, Max and the group will explore what style might be and how we can use it. Is it the genre, the atmosphere of a play, the social and political makeup of the time, the psychological obsessions of the playwright or the director or a combination of all of these influences?

Is there such a thing as a non style.?

A fun full day exploration with adequate rests!

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