Creating transformational theatre experiences for children, young people and adults, engaging their imaginations and revealing the power of their creativity.

Barnstorm Theatre Company in Kilkenny, celebrates over 30 years making and producing exciting and innovative theatre for a wide audience that is shared regionally, nationally and internationally; and now seeks original new works for performance for younger audiences.

We are looking for new plays to excite, challenge and entertain our family audiences in a series of commissions for bespoke works focusing on younger audiences (4 to 12 years) presented by professional actors. This can be younger 4-7, or older 8-12 years. Each play will be no more than 60 minutes in duration and will honour and celebrate the child in a full theatre production.

Writers (both established and emerging; local and national) are asked to submit a synopsis of their play idea with character description and sample dialogue, and to describe how the characters develop or change over the course of the story.

A number of these ideas will be selected by a panel to be developed to first draft script for which writers will receive a development fee. The final piece to be selected will be given full production in Kilkenny as part of Barnstorm’s 2024/5 programme, and will receive a commissioning fee.

Barnstorm is committed to representation and diversity in supporting and commissioning artists without regard to race, religion, colour, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, neurodiversity and socio-economic status.

Submissions to be emailed to the Artistic Director, Philip Hardy

Deadline for initial submissions is 5pm Friday 25 August 2023.