This is an important information gathering exercise for us, enabling us to build a picture of who’s working in the county and the kind of work in which Tipperary artists of all discinplines are engaged. It also helps us to connect with you, to inform you of opportunities, to occasionally bring you together and to hear from you about your artform area, skills and abilities.

Artists of all disciplines are invited to forward their CV’s to for inclusion in this updated record of artists living , from and / or working in the county. If you have expertise in a particular area of work, in education, health or wider community settings , let us know. If you work in production, are a producer , set or costume designer or are a technician (lighting, sound etc.) get in touch if you’d like to be included.

The information that we gather will be made available on our website – if you’d prefer not to make your general profile available to the general public, please advise when you forward your information to our email address.

The deadline for receipt of information for our database is Friday 24th August. We look forward to hearing from you!