Sacrificial Wind

Lorna Shaughnessy’s poetic examination of the characters around the story of the sacrifice of Iphigenia by her father Agamemnon asks big questions about war patriarchy and society. Performed in the O’Donoghue Theatre in Galway Ireland as part of the Arts in Action programme , It was also performed in Cuirt literature festival 2018 and subsequently in the Seamus Heaney HomePlace. The piece has been re-imagined for online performance. An epic subject on a small screen.(the film includes a dedication to Mary McPartlan , the singer, teacher and arts campaigner who commissioned the initial stage version of this work). Link to be sent by email 1 hr before the performance goes live.the recording will be available for three nights on the 19-21st March between 8pm and 10.30 GMTOrder your tickets at Eventbrite…/the-sacrificial-wind…Director Max HaflerActors Michael Irwin (Euripides),Orla Tubridy (Iphigenia) Catherine Denning (Clytemnestra/Oracle 2),Sam Fearraigh (Soldier), Kate Murray (Oracle I) John Rice(Achilles),Conor Geoghegan (Calchas),Patrick O’Malley (Agamemnon) Sarah O’Toole (Chrysothemis) Eilish McCarthy (Electra) Technical director Barra ConveryEditor John MargettsAdditional Music Max Brumberg.

Filmed on phones, this piece is neither a film or a filmed play.