The Misfits

A woman walks out of a divorce court into a bar.

A rundown saloon on the outskirts of a desert town in the American West. There’s no work. At least, not much worth doing for a man.

But a man is the last thing this woman is looking for.

It’s hot and dry. A place of few words and little growth.

The open sky still offers the promise of a better future.

But all around them lie the broken remains of a damaged past.

The Corn Exchange brings Arthur Miller’s iconic film The Misfits to the stage for the first time in this new reimagining by Annie Ryan.

Originally published as a novella in 1961 to coincide with the release of the iconic film by John Huston, Miller’s language is intimate, visceral, elemental, and the stage offers it the space to come into its fullest expression.

The Misfits shows the disillusionment of the American Dream and the rage and longing it continues to foster with breathtaking contemporary resonance.

This production is funded by the Arts Council.