Life conditions us to play it safe, to plan our advances, to over-prepare, to always be doing our best, and to punish ourselves when we fail. Well, consider this 6 week intro to improvisation our antidote to life…

An illuminating approach to MAKING THINGS HAPPEN through fearless play.


  • THU 21st Oct, from 6.30pm-9pm
  • THU 28th Oct, from 6.30pm-9pm
  • THU 4th Nov, from 6.30pm-9pm
  • THU 11th Nov, from 6.30pm-9pm
  • THU 18th Nov, from 6.30pm-9pm
  • THU 25th Nov, from 6.30pm-9pm

LOCATION:  The LAB, on Foley Street, Dublin 1

PRICE:  €200   ( €50 Deposit // Balance due Oct 21st )

Led by Darren Yorke, this course is ideal for beginners and for advanced players alike who want to enrich their practice with the electrifying “Impro” Spirit that fuels TheatreSports™ and the many splendored show formats in our Impro playbook.

We don’t believe in stepping outside of our comfort zones. We believe in expanding our comfort zones to include uncharted territory. The Impro Mind-Set lights the way through the unknown, dissipating those universal fears that dim our shine, impede our creativity, and ruin our talents. This series of fast-paced, fun-filled, feel-good workshops combines dynamic exercises, theatre games and scene work to instil fearlessness and inspire supersonic connections between Team Players, making absolute scenes, creating spontaneous stories and staging momentous acts — it’s all to play for!


Darren Yorke is a Dublin-based “Improfessional” who enjoys a rich interdisciplinary arts practice as the playmaker behind Grand Stretch®. He holds a BA in Drama & Theatre Studies from Trinity College Dublin. Darren began training in improvisational theatre with Vancouver TheatreSports™ from 2014-2016, during which time he was their Education & Outreach Programmes Coordinator and performed with the company ensemble. He was also a member of Queer Prov and The Fictionals Comedy Co. He went on to train with Keith Johnstone, who’s Impro methodology formed the basis for his practice.

In 2017, Darren established Grand Stretch® as Ireland’s leading member of the International TheatreSports™ Institute with exclusive performance rights for licensed ITI show formats. He has since been dedicated to making momentous things happen with “Impro” in Ireland — facilitating transformative experiences, leading Team Players, making meaningful and memorable theatre in the moment, and staging spontaneous stories with staying power.

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