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“We can’t have them making us feel contempt for our lovers / And shame for our children / And hate for our parents and… hate for our selves.”

What happens when humanity is so divided we lose the ability to relate to each other, when it’s easier to blame the “other” for our own misfortunes and the degradation of the world, when our fears are exploited to bring out the worst in us?  Through a dystopian take on the paranoia and division dominating our society, The Drowned World explores the dangers of putting people into boxes and dehumanizing those we don’t understand.

The Drowned World is divided into two groups: citizens and radiants. Citizens hate radiants for their beauty because their perfection reminds them of their own unhappiness and flaws. When Julian and Tara – two radiants, come in contact with Darren and Kelly – two citizens, the balance of their world changes.Will they be able to overcome their differences and see the humanity in each other?

Recommended age 14+ due to disturbing content.This show contains flashing lights & strobe lighting effects, smoke effects and loud noises.