The Diary Of Maynard Perdu

Written and directed by the award winning playwright Billy Roche and starring the acclaimed actor/musician Peter McCamley.

The Diary Of Maynard Perdu is set in the fantastic, mirrored, burlesque world of the Spiegeltent where fantasy and delusion reign supreme. Based on the novella by Billy Roche, this one man show takes us on a romantic journey of adventure and intrigue all of which serves to mask the pain and loss that are buried deep within.

The Diary Of Maynard Perdu is a comic/tragic, linguistic tour-de-force that is strewn with traces of Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare and Nietzsche to name but a few. The Elephant Man meets The Catcher In The Rye. In the words of Oscar Wilde, ’Give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth.’

Wearing the mask of Maynard Perdu, our lead character becomes a dandy, a cad, a poet, a lover, a dream weaver, a showman, a chameleon and a Ring Master Extraordinaire – all of which only serves to conceal the lost and lonely soul inside. Behind the gaiety lurks the heart-breaking tale of a poor unfortunate creature who is searching for the precious gift of love and family and the home he faintly recalls.

A Show not to be missed.

-The Diary Of Maynard Perdu is a richly, layered, dark tale that enthralls from the first beautiful sentence to the final poignant paragraph – a moody, spellbinding triumph – EOIN COLFER.

-The Diary Of Maynard Perdu has all the mythic qualities that make it truly Rochean – The Gothic Carnival, the energy of illusion/delusion and at its heart the profound compassion and sense of loss – Conor Mcpherson.