This introductory course is ideal for any student looking to improve their screenwriting skills, focusing on the various forms, ideas and craft of screenwriting. Students are encouraged to think critically about screenplay writing through exercises and discussion in order to get an understanding of creating visual, cinematic pieces of work.

The course will cover the following:

– Script analysis

– The visual nature of screenwriting

– Character, Character, Character (want and need)

– The world of the story = the ‘SHAPE’ of your script

– Structure (three-act structure)

– Theme(s)

– Tone vs style

– Set up and the catalyst: the importance of the ‘Hook’

– Conflict

– Resolution

– Who/what is your antagonist(s)?

– Good dialogue vs exposition

– Tricks of the trade to keep your reader fully engaged

And one of the most underrated aspects of a good script…

– Rhythm (A.K.A pacing)


Ben Conway is an award winning screenwriter and an MA graduate in Screenwriting from The John Huston School of Film and Digital Media. He has written and produced eight short films which have garnered accolades around the world – including winning a Writers’ Guild of Ireland award for Best Short Film Script in 2016 for ‘Looks Like Rain’.

Ben’s first feature film “NIGHTRIDE” (starring Moe Dunford and Stephen Rea) produced by Village Films was released in 2022 and is currently available on Netflix, Hulu and other major streaming platforms. His sophomore feature film outing, produced by 23ten and also released in 2022, is the fast paced heist movie ‘ONE WAY’. It stars Kevin Bacon, Machine Gun Kelly, Drea de Matteo & Travis Fimmel and is now streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Sky Cinema.

Note: This course is online. Our short courses are non refundable and there is no cooling off period. The Lir Academy cannot provide accommodation.