The Actor is the Theatre – Chekhov Training and Performance Ireland. – tutor Declan Drohan.For an audience, the actor is the primary means of receiving the play. Lights, set, costume support certainly , but the performer is the heartbeat, the living, radiating presence at the centre of the theatre experience.There is something truly magical about witnessing the transformation that may occur between the edge of the stage and its centre.This workshop reclaims the transformative power of the performer as the spiritual engine of the play.We will work with synthesizing body, breath and imagination into a subtle , flexible and responsive whole, capable  of forging a powerful , living connection with the audience, capable of both inner and outer movement.Text for the workshop is drawn from ‘Low in the Dark’ by Marina Carr.Workshop will take place on Saturday December 10th at Murrow House, 1 Teeling Street Sligo, Abbeyquarter North, Sligo F91 TH29, a beautifully finished Yoga Studio. the day will be led by Declan Drohan . TO BOOK YOUR PLACE PLEASE EMAIL