Tell It On The Mountain

Showcase Performance reading.

Tell it on the Mountain tells the story of a tiny Irish parish church in 1960’s Ireland whose world is forever changed by an encounter with Mercy McGifford, the larger than life black gospel singing daughter of Chicago preacher and civil rights activist.  As a world averse to change meets someone from a world where a community’s very survival depends on change, what unfolds is a tale of faith hope and comedy set to gospel, the most resilient, celebratory, enduring and powerful music of all.

Gospel and soul powerhouse Karen Underwood, herself a native of Chicago, occupies the lead role supported by renowned actor, and 15 time best-selling novelist Claudia Carroll as Sister Helga, supported by Mark O’Regan, one of Ireland’s most highly respected theatre actors. The show is directed by Mark Lambert, fresh from sell out runs on stage in the West End of London and written by John Murphy, one of the country’s most prolific scriptwriters who has been developing Tell It On The Mountain for 2 years.  The performance will be enhanced with a live choir.