Sweet Sensations

Teri FitzGerald

Dublin Fringe Festival 2018

Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Dublin Fringe Festival.At Peafield Hospital for the Elderly, staff enjoy a slower pace of life than that of their bed-ridden patients, but a surprise inspection from HIQA forces them to make like Nixon and sweat profusely while conducting a massive cover-up. Octogenarian resident Josie, slung into this dumping ground by her ungrateful niece, isn’t about to lie down and die without exposing the staff’s lies. Criminal mastermind Toby, in for the day on community service, is happy to assist her in any way that allows him to smash shit up. With nothing left to lose, the pair are guaranteed success… or prison time.

18 Sep – 22 Sep at 6:30pm | 22 Sep at 4pm | Main Space

Tickets €16/€14 concession (unwaged/student/OAP)/€11 preview