Soundscape (list on VAI before or on 30 june)

Sat 16 Jul, 1pm – 4pm | €15 | Ages: 14 +

In this workshop, explore the artworks in the exhibition ‘I am sitting in a Room’, and create experimental drone sounds through audio mixing and recording. Guided by Terence Reynolds, Music Producer and Arts & Sound Technician at Solstice, use microphones to record the various sound sources within the gallery and learn how to mix, blend and build your own sonic space.

Beginning with a tour of the gallery using Visual Thinking Strategies, create a dynamic conversation and deeper understanding of the work on display which includes

moving image, sound, painting, photography, print, and installation. Developing a contrast between the visual and auditory senses, become aware of the vernacular sounds that surround you, created by the artists. Question the formation, familiarity and interpretation of sound and drone:

Have you heard that sound before? How do you interpret this sound? What spatial architecture is it forming internally? Can this sound be represented visually?

This will form the starting point for the creation of your soundscape, a collection of found and electronic audio recordings.

No previous recording, musical or artistic experience necessary.