Gaitkrash, in collaboration with pianist Gabriela Mayer, invoke the figure of Prometheus to re-ignite the spark of hope & renewal. This unique & compelling online performance features an exciting blend of cross-disciplinary art forms: classical piano, theatre, sound art & videography. Together the creative has created a haunting fusion of image, sound & text against the dramatic backdrop of a melancholic warehouse on the Marina in Cork.

“I gave them fire…”

Presented with the support of the MTU Arts Office

Prometheus Now is a multimedia performance piece that speaks to the eternal cycle of devastation and regeneration, darkness and light. Inspired by the mythical figure of Prometheus, the artists have created a filmic weave of classical piano, sound art, text and visual image. Gaitkrash, in collaboration with solo pianist Gabriela Mayer, and supported by the MTU Arts Office, invokes the figure of Prometheus to ignite the spark of hope.

Prometheus means pre-sight; he is the trickster, forever exploring a way forward, the one who illuminates the world! Friend to humankind, prophet and rebel, Prometheus risked the wrath of Zeus to steal fire and to gift it to humans. Inspired by this fearless and inventive mythical figure, the artistic team has chosen a warehouse on the Marina in Cork as the canvas on which to project their ideas. The warehouse in its forlorn state represents the devastation caused by the wrath of Zeus who intended to rid the Earth of humankind. Re-enlivened by the spark of invention, the warehouse is gradually transformed by a visually and sonically intriguing work.

This collision of art forms has ignited a poetic and experimental work by drawing on an unlikely and boldly juxtaposed range of music, text, image and sound art. Influences range from Patti Smith, Arvo Pärt, Charles Bukowski, Tim Crouch, Henryk Górecki, Joseph Campbell, P.B. Shelley, Aeschylus, Mozart and The Doors.