Tuesdays or Thursdays, various times available, 1st – 6th class, free, booking essential, duration: 60mins

For booking & queries email: deirdre.rogers@solsticeartscentre.ie

Encouraging peer-to-peer discussion, this is an opportunity for children and teachers to focus and reflect on multiple perspectives using VTS, enhancing the engagement and enjoyment of learning through art. These class tours support cross-curricular links to the Primary School Curriculum as well as learner-centred thinking, oral and visual literacy, problem solving and positive collaborative interactions among peers.

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is an inquiry-based method of visual processing – looking, describing and discussing what we see in a work of art. It is about listening to others, responding and expanding thoughts and new possibilities revealed within group engagement. VTS improves oral and visual literacy, problem solving and collaborative interactions among peers. Suitable for all ages, VTS tours are best with groups of 5 or more.