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Martin Crimp’s No One Sees The Video is a timely, seductive, dark comedy. It is set in South West London and North East England during the changing political and social landscape of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The play unearths the hidden desires, urges and profound desperation for human connection smouldering underneath a disconnected, consumer driven society.

The play was written after Martin Crimp’s own experience of working in market research in London during the years 1980-1983. Manipulation, deceit, prompting, probing and the constant male gaze expose the sinister, objectifying world of market research in this highly relevant post consumer play.

“I can see you despise me. And that’s fine. At the moment you can afford to. But I’ll tell you something: we all turn, Jo, into the kind of people we used to despise.” (Martin Crimp)

Image by Paul Cade