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Virtual Theatre Masterclass

“In the middle of a difficulty lies an opportunity”

Albert Einstein

Theatre has changed and GSA is responding with a special masterclass offering a new insight into making theatre.  Due to government regulations, which are now a part of everyday life, we face huge challenges in live theatre. As a result of this, theatremakers are being asked to reimagine what theatre could look like; to find new ways of interacting with audiences. While this is a monumental struggle, emerging technologies present us with fresh opportunities, resulting in innovative and surprising outcomes.

The Gaiety School of Acting has teamed up with VRAI, Dublin based Virtual & Augmented Reality Content Creators, to develop a Masterclass in the new ways technology can help theatremakers reimagine their process. This Masterclass aims to give writers, actors and directors an insight into the alternative means to connect with an audience and tell their story.

The Masterclass will consist of three sections:

  • An introduction to the capabilities and possibilities presented by Virtual Reality with Niall Campion of VRAI.
  • A follow on session on how the above elements can be integrated into the process of theatre making with GSA Manifesto Tutor Donal Courtney
  • A practical session where groups will be tasked with creating a piece of theatre integrating VR; putting the day’s learnings into practice

This Masterclass will have a limited number of places, taking social distancing into account so advance booking is recommended.

Date: Sunday 15th November 2020

Time: 10am-5pm

Fee: €150