Site Specific Room

My Site-specific Room. (9th November- 7th December 4.00 – 5.30)

Working with Atmosphere ,Inner Space and energy and the space of your room to create a performance . Five ninety minute sessions (75/50 for full course) one per week

Perhaps we all remember those wonderful drawings from WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE where my namesake Max starts to see a forest grow in his bedroom. Perhaps we also remember going to our own rooms and creating caves and rocketships or being in small spaces and imagining plays and stories. Closing the curtains and using torches to create a sense of danger.

Working with a room of your choice in your house, (it needs to be somewhere you can work for these five sessions.) and elements of the Michael Chekhov Technique, you will create a piece around this space. A site- specific to the room in which you are. You will  be building your piece from the imagination, atmosphere, colour and size of your space. If it is your house, you need not delve into you own family history but make the room a palace of your imagination as if you were playing in your room as a child. By the end you will have a short piece you can develop into something more if you so wish.

Tutor Max Hafler teaches Michael Chekhov technique at NUI Galway and in his own studio.