Galway Traveller Movement is proud to present Misleór Festival of Nomadic Cultures 2022.

Misleór, which means ‘wanderer’ in the Irish Traveller language Cant (aka Gammon), celebrates and connects nomadic peoples from around the world. In our 4th year of the festival, we explore nomadic identity through the lens of creativity and cultural action for change.

Misleór Festival welcomes all. We celebrate the diversity within nomadic communities with a vibrant programme of music, theatre, film, poetry, and visual art. We look at how nomadic artists and activists are claiming a space for their culture in today’s society.

Nomadic communities have survived for thousands of years, practising their distinct cultures and traditions. Misleór will spark important dialogue about cultural rights, challenging the prejudice and discrimination often experienced by these communities.

We look forward to welcoming you to this truly unique and inspiring event, Misleór Festival of Nomadic Cultures 2022.