Island Connect

ISLAND CONNECT is a collaborative program between five performing arts organisations, working with residencies located on (or associated with) European islands of different countries. They are united in this project by a common interest in contributing to the creation and consolidation of performing arts, with an important ambition to support the artists in their personal and professional development.

ISLAND CONNECT will develop new forms of retreats and artistic residencies through testing and trying. The specific aims and common interests of our collaboration are:

  • To provide physical space for artists (and cultural managers) to research and reflect in calm and serene surroundings.
  • To provide the right environment for artists to learn from each other and better understand how partnerships can support them.
  • To help raise management/leadership skills for artists (and cultural managers).
  • To help artists develop their personal and artistic identity.
  • To focus on health and sustainability (physical body, mental stability, personal development) in the artistic environment by giving artists possibilities of getting away from stress and overwork.
  • To keep a focus on environmental issues/perma culture/sustainability by going back to nature and living in authentic places.
  • To connect artists with and enrich small local communities by facilitating talks with artists and meeting platforms for arts.

Within the framework of the international exchange program ISLAND CONNECT, the network partners are launching this call for projects. The program of crossed residencies is aimed at artists and companies from the five partner countries or regions. Hence artists eligible to apply should be based in Denmark, Croatia, Ireland, Greece or the Balearic Islands (Spain). Artists should apply to go to a country other than the one they are based in.

For more details and to apply visit: