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Self-taped auditions are a vital part of the casting process. As an actor, it is crucial to make the most of this opportunity to ensure that you present yourself in the best way possible. This course will teach you the skills to confidently shoot a self-tape, quickly and professionally. This online workshop is aimed at all actors, experienced and newcomers alike. Scroll down for more information.

Introduction to Self-Taping focuses on the practical and creative elements that make a great self-taped audition. Over the course of two evenings, Casting Director Amy Rowan, whose extensive credits include TV (The Professionals), film (Rialto) and commercials will work with participants to develop your skills in mastering this technique, to gain confidence around the self-taping process and what it involves.

This course takes you through the technical processes of shooting, framing, lighting etc. and the best ways to use the equipment you have available to you, even if it’s just your phone. The aim of the course is to instruct you so that you emerge from it with the confidence that you are giving your talent the best possible chance to be seen.

Over the course of two evenings, the actors will shoot their own auditions with direction and feedback from Amy, who will offer insight from the other side of the audition process. Having mastered the technique, it will allow you to relax and concentrate on the most important element of the process: your performance.

Please note, this workshop is for educational purposes only and is not a guarantee of further casting opportunities.