Bryan Burroughs

Working through improvisation, creative play and employing contemporary devising and physical theatre techniques you will develop your creative process and essential performance skills.

You will have the opportunity to develop and rehearse your own creative ideas as part of a collaborative ensemble, working with specialists in theatre devising to create a short piece of original theatre.

The course will provide a fun, supportive and challenging environment in which student-actors can explore, experiment and hone their devising and performance skills.

The course will conclude with a presentation of the company’s work to an invited audience.

“Open discussion with shared experience and fun” – Ger

“An innovative journey through the physical possibilities of the body the creative potential of the mind and experiencing the power of ensemble” – Naomi

“This was the most engaging course where we all were allowed a voice and an opinion and felt safe to make mistakes and create” – Louise

“Fantastic. Superb teacher and brilliant experience” – Philip