Untitled 11 Of 101

In I A Clown we meet ourselves and the audience. In I A Clown 2 we work in pairs. This is a whole new game. Two clowns must now share a stage and an audience. There will be trouble, anarchy, pain, success and failure. But they are partners and like in every good relationship there’s ups and downs, but there is no end, there is only life, death and renewal. They can’t go on, they must go on, they will go on.

“Perhaps the soul of a clown serves as physic buffer for life’s willful vacillation between elation and despair, fortune and disaster, success and failure. But whatever else they do, clowns seem to acknowledge from behind their masks of ineptitude the resolute untidiness of being human, and they advise us to keep playing at all costs” Dr. Eric Weitz.

Students are required to have completed I A Clown to participate in I A Clown 2.