How to befriend my monster  

Sat 14 Jan, 2pm, free, booking required, ages: 4-6 years but all are welcome

Can I be angry? Oh! It is bad to be angry I was told. So I decided I must never be angry. But sometimes, I feel like there’s a little monster inside me…

Are there good and bad emotions? Or do all emotions have a role? If not bottling or brooding, what then? The space in between? Pause, stop, breathe…. huff… Wait! Name it to tame it!

In collaboration with playwright Grace Collender, dancer Mirela Romano and psychotherapist Patricia Bourke D’Souza, choreographer Selma Daniel explores the fields of universal emotions that all humans, no matter where or how they were raised, have in common. Using dance and text, this theme is investigated in a fun and poetic way.

This work is supported by Arts Council YPCE Bursary in partnership with First Fortnight Festival and Solstice Arts Centre. Selma Daniel is supported by Meitheal: a Branar initiative.