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Do you remember the worst day at school ever?

It can’t be worse than Gwen’s.

Prepare to be em-bar-razzed, mortified and bleedin’ scarlet for Gwen, a campy thriller radio play written by Robert Downes. In Gwen, the second segment of the G Trilogy, Gwen feels totally invisible in her new school. Listen to her attempt absolutely anything to get noticed, hear what happened in her old school and follow along as she learns that it can always get so much worse.

Don’t let lockdown get you down, tune into Gwen on 5th March 2021 at and relish the fact that you never have to endure school ever again.

The G Trilogy

Have you ever wanted to listen to someone else’s thoughts? Have you ever watched something happen to someone in real time and wondered, what could they have been thinking? Well, now you can. The G Trilogy follows three women’s stories as they live through the moment that changes their life forever. These uniquely crafted radio plays submerge the listener into a world where they can become so close to a character, they can actually hear their thoughts.

The G Trilogy is available from starting at only €3. Part one, Grace, is available to listen now. The story centres around Grace, who is on a badly-needed night out for her friend’s ‘coming-out party’. (Which is not a thing…what a hobgoblin…)

Follow Grace through the craziest night of her life that will leave you wondering, how does this girl even have friends? To listen to Grace click here.

Listener discretion is advised. Contains adult language, violence and scenes of a sexual nature.

The G Trilogy is intended for ages 18+.

Starring… Adele Crilly, Lorna Costello, Emma Jane Purcell, Paige Leavy, Tamar Keane and Robert Downes.

Directed by… Robert Downes and Kate McBreaty

Sound Design by… Kate McBrearty

Produced by… Tamar Keane

Image Design by… Sarah Maloney (@princetamago_)

Opening Theme by… Laura Kate O’Sullivan

About Us

SQUAD Productions is a socially conscious theatre company that aims to create new work through collaboration and new techniques with new and emerging Irish artists. Gwen was produced entirely over Zoom, with members of the production team and cast based in Dublin, Galway, and London.

 Robert Downes is a recent graduate of the MA in Drama and Theatre Studies from NUI Galway. He is a Dublin based theatre maker, Drama teacher and facilitator working with diverse groups to create new and interesting theatre projects. As Artistic Director of SQUAD he is super excited to jump into this new creative realm.

Tamar Keane is a County Clare native, based in Dublin theatre-maker who specialises in sound design and production management. Tamar has worked in theatre production for the last five years and has created work with companies such as Smashing Times, TU Dublin and Reality:Check, as well as many artists across the industry.

Kate McBrearty is a Galway-based producer and theatre-maker from Limerick, who has just completed her Masters in Theatre Practice & Production in NUIG. Previously, Kate has worked with Bottom Dog Theatre Company in Limerick, and Brú Theatre Company in Galway.

Contact us: Email: | Number: 085 786 2108

Social Media: @squadproductionsdublin