Evgeniya Kiseleva, Head Of Access And Inclusion Department, Leading A Group Of Visitors With Disabilities On A Tour Of the Pushkin State Museum Of Fine Arts Collection. Photo Credit: the Pushkin State Museum Of Fine Arts.

From Access to Inclusion, an Arts and Culture Summit gathers the most thought-provoking leaders and advocates from across the globe. This dynamic international Summit is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and discover new and innovative ways to create accessible and inclusive experiences.

The Summit includes three event strands; a Symposium taking place online over the course of three days, Tuesday 9th, Tuesday 16th and Tuesday 23rd March 2021, intimate online Workshops by leading experts in access and inclusion, and a programme of online Evening Events showcasing access in action from a range cultural venues and organisations.

Registration is now open for the Symposium and further details on the Workshops and Evening Events will be announced shortly.

Find out more here: https://adiarts.ie/summit/

Register for our Summit Newsletter here: https://mailchi.mp/adiarts.ie/adi-summit-2020

Image description: Evgeniya Kiseleva, Head of Access and Inclusion Department, leading a group of visitors with disabilities on a tour of The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts collection. Photo credit: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.