Dumbworld: If We Could See Ourselves As Others See Us

Sat 14 – Fri 27 January

Opening reception: Sat 14 Jan, 2:30pm. All are welcome, no booking required.

There is nothing like a period of enforced isolation to remind us of the deeply human (and non-human) need to come together. ‘If We Could See Ourselves As Others See Us’ is a sound, video and living installation inspired by a journey through moments of assembly across Meath. Choirs now able to join and sing together, swimmers taking the cold plunge together, gravestones repurposed as picnic tables for gatherings, trees connecting under the earth in a network of support. A space to join together in a moment of reflection on our necessary connectedness – a Möbius strip of ponderment.Created by Brian Irvine and John McIlduff (Dumbworld), in collaboration with Vera Ryklova, Aislinn Delaney, Jonathan H. S.  Ross and Jasmin Marker.

A Community Arts project commissioned by Solstice Arts Centre in partnership with Meta