Digital Transformations

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In 2018, Digital Transformations established the Digital Society Bursary to support any and all creative endeavours that seek a deeper understanding of the digitised society. We are delighted to be able to announce a second award in 2020.

This year’s award supports students who are exploring the digital society within their practice. The digital society is throwing arts, policy, education, culture and business together in ways that only an artistic sensibility can really fathom. Successful applications will reflect the themes of Digital Transformations within their work: Digital Human, Networked Personality, Art for What’s Sake, and Manifesto.

Who can apply

This award is open to students in the Irish higher education system who are due to graduate in 2020, at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, in any creative discipline (visual, performing, musical, media, technology, literature). The award will be made for work that satisfies the award year course work requirements for graduating students.

The window for applications will open on Wednesday 29th April, and close at 5pm on Friday 29th May 2020