4/ 2hr online workshops

21ST FEB/28TH FEB/MARCH 7TH/MARCH 14TH. 4.30 6.30 GMT. (11.30 AM ET)

with Max Hafler and guest Rena Polley (Michael Chekhov Canada)

COMEDY and TRAGEDY. What is the difference in this polarity of theatre and indeed in life? How do artists working in both, play with us? How do we move the character from one pole to the other and how can this be effective and real? It is not for nothing that the mechanism of crying and laughing are almost the same. Michael Chekhov had some very positive exercises around the difference and the journey in between, particularly around directions of energy. . Working with these and other exercises , I am being joined by Rena Polley of Michael Chekhov Canada . where we and our group will conduct these investigations! Each session lasts two hours.

COST 80 WAGED/ 60 part time/ 45 unwaged email

Rena Polley is a Toronto based actor, writer, producer and teacher. She has worked in theatre, television and film for over thirty years. Rena originally studied with Uta Hagen and Herbert Berghof in New York City. She has been studying with master teachers from the Michael Chekhov Association for twenty years and has her Teachers Certificate in the technique. She is a member of MICHA and a regular participant in international workshops in the US and Europe. Rena is co-founder of Michael Chekhov Canada and the Artistic Director of The Chekhov Collective , a theatre company inspired by the principles of Michael Chekhov.