Comedy is structure and structure is comedy! Director and Dramaturg Alice Coghlan is on a quest to find help you find your unique comic material, and to bring you to understand how structure and character can make an audience laugh!

For whilst comedy writing and performance can often seem to be a terrifying and mysterious talent given to the very few, it is also a craft which can be honed and mastered by the many.

Writers will hone this craft by seeking out the techniques of classic comedy writers and applying these to their own original works. Writers will also be encouraged to regularly attend and review live and online comedy performances and to apply these techniques to their own work.

Classic Techniques of Comedy Writing promises to be a fun way to get us through the winter nights, by making one another laugh, with much learning and funny writing, and maybe if restrictions allow the odd comic night out along the way.

Full information on the Irish Writers Centre website or else feel free to email to learn more.