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Chekhov called these fundamentals, “the Four Brothers”. They are connected, all part of the same family. In this course of four online sessions we will be taking one of these fundamentals each week (using two short speeches from Macbeth – chosen because the characters are not obviously easy or beautiful) and exploring how we relate to them using exercises from the Michael Chekhov technique. We will experience these principles in our bodies as realities, not concepts or ideas.   The online forum gives you a space which is both private and shared with the group of participants to explore this work.

The course is led by Max Hafler and Declan Drohan, two highly experienced teachers of the Michael Chekhov technique . Declan Is a Senior Lecturer at ATU Sligo, and Max is the author of two books, Teaching Voice and “What Country,Friends is This?” (using Chekhov Technique with Shakespeare with young people) both published by Nick Hern Books.