Jan 21st April 1st. Six Alternate Saturdays

Tutors Max Hafler/Declan Drohan

 Michael Chekhov believed in the power of the Artistic Ensemble. Many theatre groups, teachers and directors have faith in it. After all what is it that binds the orchestra who play a symphony? The music binds all the players no matter what instrument they play. Many techniques teach a precision and focus but often these end up as clever choreography without the intangible connection between an ensemble which is something which can be admired for its pictures and precision but not the intangible connection which the Chekhov Technique bestows on performers. With this vocabulary deep ensemble responses can be found and placed in devising work, creating depth and quality.

The kind of ensemble we are talking about is where the performer is seen as the primary resource for the storytelling .it often involves multiple parts to one actor which in itself acknowledges a more flexible connection to the audience.

Over the six Saturdays we will be studying particular aspects of our live work which offers elements of the Chekhov technique

Cost 300 for all 6 workshops (you can pay in 2 or three instalments)

(or 60  per day)

email chekhovtpi@gmail.com to book your place.