Have you ever considered creating literature events for stage? or even adding a literature department to your production company? Are there Irish novelists, essayists, poets or children’s writers who’s work you’d love to present on stage in an imaginative new ways, drawing on your specific expertise, skills or stagecraft?

If yes, you might consider joining us at our Literature Producers Forum on 23 May. Venues are keen to stage more literature events – but the usual unrehearsed readings or author conversations might benefit a creative lift. Literature and arts festivals provide ready audiences and are always interested approaches from event producers and artists. The Arts Council and Culture Ireland are interested in touring more Irish writers at home and abroad but want to see better quality, more ambitious applications.

Words Ireland wants to connect with professional creative directors and producers who can dream up creative, cross-arts collaborative ways to present living writers and their work on stage – or offstage. If this sounds like it might be interested in, you can find full details on our Forum here: http://wordsireland.ie/literature-producers-forum/ If you can’t make it on 23 May, but you’re still interested, please contact us at info@wordsireland.ie. We’re hoping to set up a small network of producers after the event with the aim of connecting them to funding opportunities.

Photo: Alex MacDonald, Ella Frears and Will Harris from ‘What Days We’re Having Now’ produced by Jaybird Live Literature. Image by Derek Adams.