Japanese Noh Theatre Event Dlr Mill Theatre

Tickets €14/€12 – Equity €12

‘Noh’ is classical Japanese theatre which combines dance, drama, music,poetic text, exquisite costumes and masks into a highly aesthetic form ofart that has been performed continuously for 650 years.This performance demonstration talk is designed to introduce audiencesto the key elements of noh and to have a close up and interactiveexperience of how a new noh is developed from ‘page to stage’.The focus of the new noh, Between the Stones, is ‘from tragic loss topeace’. It explores how the burden of grief turns into an understanding andcelebration of life, death, beauty and love; and the transformative power ofgardens to nurture and heal the soul… It also uniquely brings together threeJapanese cultural forms – noh, karesansui gardens and furin (wind chimes).The professional noh actor, Kinue Oshima, the composer, Richard Emmert,and the author of this new two-act English language noh drama, JannetteCheong, will share key aspects of how this new noh will be transformed fromthe poetic text to the stage production using traditional noh techniques.This is the third noh performing arts collaboration between Richard Emmertand Jannette Cheong and the second with the Oshima family following theacclaimed success of Pagoda (2009 European Tour, 2011 Asia Tour).Come and join this unique team to have a deeper understandingof the 650 year-old theatre of noh, and learn about the secondimportant phase of this rare, new collaborative noh project.

Presentation by: Kinue Oshima, Richard Emmert, Jannette Cheong

WEBSITE: www.betweenthestones.com

Kindly supported by the Ireland Japan Association