Copy Of Edinburgh Previews Foyer Screen

What happens when everything you have is lost?

A divided world, sometime in the not so distant future. A ceremony is happening in the woods.

A celebration of a beginning.

A celebration of love.

You are invited, even if you are from the city. There are some rules though – no gifts, no phones. Only you.

A night of revelation, collision, suspicion, rekindling, confusion and connection. Below the surface of a seemingly perfect evening, the unknown is waiting to be revealed.

Recommended for ages 15+ | mild sexual references and some bad languageRunning time : 120 mins including an interval

WRITTEN BY: Fionnuala GygaxDIRECTED BY: Raymond KeaneLIGHTING DESIGN BY: Mark GalioneSET DESIGN BY: Sabine DargentSOUND DESIGN BY: Roger Gregg