Being read to is one of our primary experiences as children, and thanks to podcasts and audiobooks there has been an explosion in popularity for adults too. Using that knowledge, we will then explore how to approach the delivery of text so that it is attractive to a listener.

This course looks at techniques for breathing life into different styles and types of writing. We will cover how to approach narrative and characterisation, and how to keep description interesting. We will explore the style and tones of writing, and how to make the actor’s voice compatible with a variety of different styles including different types of fiction, journalism, and factual writing.

We will be exploring the grammar of sentences in a lively and non-academic way. No previous knowledge of grammar is necessary. We will also be investigating the delicious possibilities of ASMR.

Each week, we will also explore a different aspect of our voices and our own vocal production. A willingness to experiment is essential and all levels of experience are welcome.

Please note, this course covers the technical elements of reading for an audience. We are not looking at the technical aspects of recording. It will not include instruction on equipment, editing or sound levels.

By the end of the course, participants will feel confident in preparing a text for reading aloud and delivering a highly engaging performance of a written text.

Andrew Tidmarsh has been an acting teacher and director for over 20 years. He is an audio addict and spends hours listening to audiobooks and podcasts every day. Andrew’s facilitation is always based on encouraging an open and honest dialogue. He believes that mistakes are to be celebrated as glorious opportunities. His teaching work is heavily influenced by the theories and writings of Ian Cunningham, so participants can expect gentleness, curiosity and space for everyone to think together.

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